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  1. Hi All, My wife has a 2003 Echo with an automatic transmission. It's been absolutely the most fantastic car we've ever owned. Up until now it seems like we've had no problems with it. It has about 195,000 km on it and it seems to now have a very noisy transmission, particularly at 50-70 km/h (30-40 mph). Particularly when applying throttle. This noise doesn't particularly concern me because I have read that these transmissions are notoriously noisy. What does concern my is the wheel bearing like noise coming from the front end which gets noisier at 70 - 100 km/h. I'm pretty sure I've ruled out the wheel bearings as the noise does not change one bit when turning left to right. I also had the car up on jack stands running the wheels in drive with a stethoscope and I didn't really hear anything particularly noise coming from the hubs. I suspect the differential is going bad. In your opinion am I in for a new transmission? This would be an absolute shame as the car has always had clean fluid in it (I've changed it 3 times myself) and it also shifts very smoothly and doesn't slip. I appreciate any help or advice you can offer.