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  1. nice HB and nice write up! when i changed my springs me and another guy did it the ghetto way, we didn't use a spring compressor on the front struts, they barely had any pressure on them anyhow. We held the strut upside down against a think piece of foam with the rachet on the nut, and pushed down on the strut while holding the ratchet in place with our feet and then turned, then POP and it was off, then new one went on :)
  2. 3dr meaning the Hatchback? or the coupe? i know some people on the echodrivers.com site that have coupes fixed up :)
  3. NICE my cousin has the sportback IS300, the hatchback one. its pimpzilla
  4. http://www.echodrivers.com/forums/viewtopi...4513&highlight= there's basically a review there if you read through. For $120USD shipped, it's DEFINITELY worth the money. I've noticed from the first time i drove it after installing the springs that it greatly improved handling in all ways. For instance, braking is soo much smoother now, it'll be even more if i ever get steel braided lines, but when you did hard braking on stock springs like it felt very uneven, especially cause the back lifted up a lot. With these i can't even feel the car lift up in the rear, and it seems that stopping is more smooth, and quicker. Of course it helped with cornering. The first hard corner i took almost had me off the side of the road cause i oversteered too much, being that i was used to turning on the stock springs, so it's a lot easier to make higher speed turns now. Also when i'm just driving in generel, wether i'm cruising on the highway or accelerating from a stop light, it feels like i'm going faster. I know i'm accelerating quicker, but to me it feels way more fun to drive, and i like sitting lower now. I have a better sense of control. All of this is said with me having STOCK shocks and struts. I'm definitely gonna get some KYB's GR-2's from here: http://www.jdmautogames.com/product_3498_10398.html But all together it was worth it, easy install, me and another echo driver installed em in like 1.5hrs w/o a spring compressor! realllll easy. I'm sure the tein coilovers are nice, but i dont have the money for that. I'd rather spend the $120 on the springs, $180 on the shocks, and $60~ for an allignment, maybe another $20 for a camber kit. Then when i get the cusco rear sway bar i hear that handling will be VERY nice. So ya, the verdict is of course i would recomend them. I don't know about their long term reliability, but their much more stiffer and thicker/tougher feeling then the stock ones. They haven't completely settle'd down yet either cause i've only had them on for about 4 days. And oh ya, as far as how comfortable the ride is. It's kind of hard for me to say, but to me i don't notice a big difference. A picky person might say it's rough, but then they'd be comparing it to a mercedes etc. I would say that it's more comfortable than the stock springs cause there's less travel on the spring itself. thats how i feel
  5. In FLORIDA???? woooo, where are you at man! I wanna see it i live in the Tampa area. Lets have a get together and i'll invite some people from the other echo forum! :) They will all want to see your HB i bet
  6. Hey i'm from Florida, check out my echo here: www.cardomain.com/id/vairu
  7. great! i have megan racing lowering springs for the Scion xA and xB on my echo. I'm going to get KYB shocks soon to add on :). Really nice write up
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