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  1. Whoops, Sequoia Club was locked. Sorry guys. Posting is now available here. we almost archived this section. Hoping Sequoia owners can now use this club
  2. Have you tried sourcing it through Junk yards? Welcome to the forum by the way 🙂
  3. Many members would have noticed the forums have been down for a considerable amount of time. This was due to major technical fault with the server. The technicians worked hard to get the server back up and running as quickly as possible. However, we are not out of hot water yet. We have found another problem with the servers operating system that was related to the first issue. We are able to use the server for the moment but it will require a new reload of the operating system. So we are going to plan to do this at the weekend and expect a good 3-4 hours downtime while we reload all the data back on to the server and re-configure. We hope this will solve all the issues which have been bugging us for a number of weeks. Our future plans are to move to a much more robust infrastructure which should illuminate any future failures. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.
  4. hi I was always under the assumption that any automatic car should not be towed as it will ruin the transmision
  5. Hi Guys, I have come across these guys who sell sheets of small sticker sets that are an exact match for your manufacturer paintwork and cover up stone chips and scratches. It is a great solution instead of paying repair costs for small chip, especially when things are tight. Check out http://bit.ly/Yh3f5s
  6. Welcome to the club.. hope you enjoy your new ride!
  7. I have never heard of it.. but good luck. Maybe you should demand an offical answer from your dealer?
  8. Hi You need to buy a can of white lithium Grease. WD40 is useless to be honest. Lithium greases should be appiled to all door latches and hinges twice a year Spray it in the latch and leave overnight.
  9. get some pics up when you can mate :o Welcome to the club!
  10. We don't have a section just for convertible owners, as its the same car but convertible. I am sure there are a few on here.
  11. Have you recently had wet weather.. lots of rain? The issue could be water someowhere causing the problem
  12. Not the first time, I take they are alloys? I would replace them with something else... but you should find the rest of the car pretty reliable
  13. Definatly service history if replacing timing belt then replace the pre tensioner pulley Dapqam has nailed everything else in his post :)
  14. Hi and welcome Maybe you could get a peice of cardboard and when it drips on to it try and locate it directly. I would imagine all residue all would be gone by now.
  15. Shes a classic, i would go for more than 2k! :)
  16. best thing would be to remove the whole mirror and have a closer inspection.. may be cracked inside
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