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  1. 2012 highlander limited hybrid

    Hi Mike...welcome to the Forum Not entirely sure why the system is not functioning but there obviously must be power going to the screens when switched on and I imagine it is all controlled from the head unit in the front dash. Let us know what you find Cheers, Trevor
  2. Oxygen sensor

    Which engine does your car have? If it is the V6 then it will be the rear bank (transverse mounted) if conventionally mounted then it will be the cylinder nearest to the front (slightly staggered banks)
  3. Newbie

    Hi Mark.....welcome to the Forum Hard to imagine the Corolla being around for 50 years now....makes me feel really old Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  4. Oil Leaking question

    Hi...welcome to the club It does sound as though the fluid is as a result of being overfilled, but wonder why it was in the first place....either incorrectly filled or overfilled to compensate for a leak? It is worth popping into a garage for an inspection as to where the fluid is leaking from and why. Also, worth noting that some automatic transmissions need to be placed into 'Drive' with the engine running at idle to correctly check the level. Follow instructions in the handbook for correct procedure. Cheers, Trevor
  5. ECU and radio harness advice

    you could try insulated the harness....using earth shielding such as tin foil wrapped over with insulation tape but running a wire from the shield to a good chassis earth....tends to work a treat and cuts out all noise
  6. ECU and radio harness advice

    Hi Angel...welcome to the Club What exactly is the problem with the aftermarket radio, as most of the ones available on the aftermarket are far superior to the original equipment systems? Cheers, Trevor
  7. Hi Norrie....welcome to the Club Hope we can help with your education of everything 'Echo' Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  8. 2009 Matrix 2.4L serpentine belt replacement

    does seem a little over the top to replace what is essentially a service item. Glad you have sorted it though
  9. Navigation Add On

    you could add an aftermarket system like XTrons audio with SatNav function
  10. 1998 Corolla LE Moonroof Not Working

    have you tried putting 12 volts directly to it to see if it powers up?
  11. 2009 Matrix 2.4L serpentine belt replacement

    maybe easier to fit it to the smaller pulleys first and leave the larger one until last....e.g. the crankshaft pulley, easier to roll over that one when you place it over the first part and turn the pulley to roll it on
  12. 2009 Matrix - AC Magnetic Clutch Relay?

    If it uses the Denso relay (see link) then these fail regularly but are cheap
  13. 2003 Camry Engine Coolant temp gauge problems

    first thing I would check or even replace for the small cost involved would be the radiator pressure cap because if that is failing on maintaining a constant pressure then it allows the coolant to boil up quicker. Any ignition misfire would only contribute to higher engine running temperatures. Also, check the main engine cooling fan is operating correctly
  14. Hi in California!

    Hi Benjamin....welcome to the Forum
  15. New owner in NC

    Hi...welcome to the Forum sorry for the late response. Maybe worth trying companies like TomTom or some audio systems have SatNav capabilities such as in this link