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  2. I just bought a 2018 CHR, any advice about the 2.0 engine or power train to look for?
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  4. Hi Folks, I recently installed a new Brake Light Switch in my One Owner 1994 4WD Toyota Pickup with Automatic Tran. I bought New. The Brake lights now work but my Cruise Control stopped working. How do I adjust the switch so it is set up properly ? Do I need to set a specific gap with feeler gauge? Any pictures or descriptions would be very helpful and appreciated as am not real mechanical. Thank You. Pat
  5. remote

    just programmed my remote but the trunk button doesn't work any ides 2006 toyota avalon xls
  6. How was the Revtek lift kit? Would like to know your feedback. I'm for suspension lift kits for Tacoma and I've been seeing some people comparing Revtech and Tough Country.
  7. Shift knob

    I have a 2013 Takoma TRD Sport with a manual transmission and the cover is coming off of the shift knob. Is the shift knob screwed on or pressed on. I can sew the cover back on but it would be a lot easier if it was removed from the shift lever.
  8. Restoring fuel effeicency

    I always put 2 psi more in the tires than what it says! Helps me!
  9. tires

    I did some research of my own after I needed to replace mine, (2013 Camry LE) The Original Michelin X-green tires were really good, lasted 118,000 miles of pretty much straight shot highway driving. I wanted to buy them again but couldn't get myself to pay the $$$$ I think it was going to be about $500-$550 so I went with General tires, ($350) they had good reviews. glad I did because they have been great so far, even in the snow! So far I've put 27K miles on them and haven't really seen much wear off of them.
  10. What is a reasonable price to rebuild a 1989 celica engine in New Jersey USA?
  11. New

    Nice! I think those wheels are my favorite. Hope to talk with you in the future.
  12. Hi Everyone! I was hoping to get some good advise on maintenance of my 2013 Camry from people who aren't persuaded by monetary gain, Since my car has 145,000 miles, and all I've done is put gas in it and change the oil & filter myself at the scheduled intervals. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Stuart
  13. Hello everyone I'm new to the Toyota scene and love my 2012 tundra crew max. I was hoping to meet with some other people from North Carolina that are into overland trips around NC
  14. Since the auto part stores are not supplying us with the opportunity to buy a manual ; we need to find individual and share it with the other members here right!!! Have an 2009 Venza myself. Need to do certain things. Sure would be a whole lot easier with it. KC
  15. Maintenance Agreements

    Can someone share the best place to get a Toyota Maintenance Agreement? I heard if you shop around you get better deals. I have a new 2017 Highlander looking for an approximate price to pay for a 8 year 120,000 warranty. Is 1000 to 1500 realistic?
  16. AWD rear end swap

    I see the 05 and 07 AWD Sienna used different motors. Did they use the same rear and drivetrain? I have an opportunity to purchase a full rear - hub to hub - for about the same price as a single part. I have an 05 and the donor is an 07.
  17. Model: 2010 Toyota Corolla S, 1.8Liter 4-Cylinder Original Problem: Failed inspection due to brakes engaging too far down, close to floor board. Brakes were also very spongy, and there was hissing under the hood when braking (was told it was too loud to be normal) Replaced or performed (in order): - Master Cylinder (piston was completely broken off.) Bled brakes. Still spongy. - Rear drum brakes, and adjusted. Checked front brakes, rear drums, and front rotors...all appear in good condition. Bled brakes again. Still spongy. - Rear passenger brake cylinder (it fell apart when removing brakes) Bled brakes again. Checked other brake cylinders, they seemed fine. ....still freakin spongy. - Changed out the 11/32 vacuum hoses leading from Master cylinder. - ABS works, tested traction control on gravel, appears to work fine. - Brake Booster...after replacing everything mentioned above, still heard hissing under the hood when braking and brake pedal would push upward when turning car off with pedal pushed down after idling for 2 minutes (read in forums that was an indicator of vacuum leak and failing booster) Not spongy after replacing booster, yay! Current problem: The brakes are firmer, no longer "spongy" and work much better, but they still engage fairly close to floorboard (probably 2/3 or 3/4 of the way down...which is why the car failed inspection in the first place) unless they are pumped prior to actually braking. Can still hear hissing but have checked the vacuum hoses...all seem fine. - Attempted to adjust rear brakes by engaging emergency brake while in reverse at 15 mph several times, although I don't think that was necessary since I'm pretty sure we adjusted them properly when we installed them, and it made no difference in where the brakes engaged afterwards anyway. Will be bleeding brakes for the bazillionth time tomorrow afternoon, since it wouldn't surprise me that changing the booster would require bleeding after. Seems to be a trend with changing out brake parts...I dunno, before last week, all I knew about brakes is that you push the pedal with your foot and the car magically stops. If that doesn't improve where the brakes engage, I'm officially out of ideas lol.
  18. 2012 highlander limited hybrid

    Hi Mike...welcome to the Forum Not entirely sure why the system is not functioning but there obviously must be power going to the screens when switched on and I imagine it is all controlled from the head unit in the front dash. Let us know what you find Cheers, Trevor
  19. Oxygen sensor

    Which engine does your car have? If it is the V6 then it will be the rear bank (transverse mounted) if conventionally mounted then it will be the cylinder nearest to the front (slightly staggered banks)
  20. Newbie

    Hi Mark.....welcome to the Forum Hard to imagine the Corolla being around for 50 years now....makes me feel really old Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  21. Oil Leaking question

    Hi...welcome to the club It does sound as though the fluid is as a result of being overfilled, but wonder why it was in the first place....either incorrectly filled or overfilled to compensate for a leak? It is worth popping into a garage for an inspection as to where the fluid is leaking from and why. Also, worth noting that some automatic transmissions need to be placed into 'Drive' with the engine running at idle to correctly check the level. Follow instructions in the handbook for correct procedure. Cheers, Trevor
  22. Navigation Add On

    I want to ask for an E7011 navi factory kit, and I'm going to get a tired camera. What kind of patch cable should I bring so that I can connect?
  23. I'm selling my SUPERB 1988 MR2 on eBay. You'll want to check it out. THANKS, Dan
  24. ECU and radio harness advice

    Yes, we did it. There is a short circuit in some section of the harness. We really want to change the whole harness.
  25. Hi Norrie....welcome to the Club Hope we can help with your education of everything 'Echo' Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
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